Why is workplace hygiene so important?

Taryn Davies
Published: August 9, 2018

Whether you’re the manager of an office, a building site or working in an aerospace garage, workplace hygiene should be a high priority. It’s not only good for your brand, it shows respect to your employees by keeping them safe and free of working in a germ-ridden environment. Here’s why workplace hygiene is so important.

It reduces the risk of workplace illness

One of the most evident reasons why workplace hygiene is so important is that it can reduce the risk of bacteria spreading. In an office, for example, the average desk is said to harbour 20,961 germs, per square inch. With so many people spending more than six hours a day in this one environment, bacteria and germs can spread quickly. This is why it’s a good idea to disinfect and deep clean desks and the general office space regularly. Maintaining good hygiene within the workplace can ensure that fewer bacteria and bugs are passed around, which can reduce the risk of illness. If your employees are off on sick leave they’re not working, which can slow the overall productivity and impact you financially.

Hygiene and safety go hand in hand

Workplace hygiene is not just about washing your hands correctly. Maintaining a sufficient level of office hygiene will ensure that you’re adhering to some of the most important workplace safety regulations. Make sure you’re working in a clean environment, with things stored away in their correct place. This will reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls and keep your employees safe.

If you don’t have a sufficient enough space to safely perform daily business tasks, you may need to invest in expanding your environment to accommodate for safe work. Purpose built blast rooms and spray booths are a great option for cramped and dangerous automotive garages, for example, as it creates a controlled environment to perform dangerous tasks in.

Being clean is good for your brand

If you’re bringing clients, employees or customers into an environment that’s untidy and unsafe, it doesn't look good for your brand. You wouldn’t eat in a dirty restaurant, so why would clients choose yours over another company? First impressions are key in business, which is why poor workplace hygiene can be detrimental to your company and its finances. Make sure your working environment is kept in order to avoid any embarrassing, unscheduled walk-ins.

It improves employee happiness

Creating a clean environment for your employees to work in can boost their mood. Ensure that the workplace is filled with lots of light and free from clutter. If you’re worried about your employees’ personal hygiene you can implement a cleaning and hygiene schedule that everyone in the workforce can get involved in. A good example of this is to purchase and install and mains fed water cooler, which encourages employees to drink clean, crisp and safe drinking water.

By encouraging good hygiene and by presenting a maintained environment to work in your employees will feel valued and respected. If your employees like where they work, their productivity can improve, which can impact your bottom line positively.