Wrapped Around the Waist

Jodi McGowan
Published: February 16, 2016

Chanel’s latest Spring/Summer 16 collection includes a dazzling range of waist bags to match their theme of lifetime fashion, making the bum bag a must-have for another season.

Bum bags, as the British call them, have been around for over 20 years but big designer labels began bringing them back in style early 2011.

Designers then changed the name from fanny packs to waist bags or hands-free bags differentiating them from the plain black ones introduced in 1988.

The once, fashion faux pas is actually, now, adored worldwide with celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna sporting them while out shopping.

Not only are they perfect for holidays, and outdoor activities, but these fresh and embroidered bags are the ultimate want for a night out with friends.

These strapless bags make it so much easier to carry around all your makeup and perfume without actually having to put any effort in to keep the bag on your shoulder without falling off every ten minutes.

Designer inspiration

In the SS16 collection Chanel has embellished these neutral bags with sequins and beads giving them an expensive feel.

By adding huge detail to something so miniature, this only makes them stand out from the outfit and gives that divine vintage effect along with it.

With crystals being combined with beads, it elegantly splits up a plain design yet brings the outfit together immediately.

Festival fashion

With this year’s festivals vastly approaching, these bags are a must have and with them being the easiest bag to ever be worn, the majority of people will be wearing them this summer.

Missguided also have a variety of waist bags and for a great deal cheaper too.

Matte Croc 70s waist bag

Matte Croc 70s waist bag £15

Quilted Chain waist bag – Pink

Quilted Chain waist bag – Pink £15

Missguided stud detail bum bag black

Missguided stud detail bum bag black £12