Who is Anya Taylor-Joy?

Anya Taylor-Joy shook up Sundance with her stellar performance as 17th century teen in the sensational The Witch, and since then she’s stacked up a slate of impressive films, which results in the release of Split this week and a nomination for the Bafta EE Rising Star Award. But who is this actress who is undoubtedly a star to watch in 2017?

Born in Miami, raised in Argentina and then London the 20-year-old daughter of a Spanish-English mother and a Scottish-Argentinian father is a former ballet dancer and despite this background, Anya admits she was a real tomboy growing up, usually covered in mud, on a motorbike or something.

She actually started her career as a model, before making her move into acting in 2015.

A suspicious scouting story

In an interview with Interview magazine, she revealed the slightly scary story of her being scouted by a modelling agency. Revealing how she was practising wearing heels for the first time whilst walking her dog. She recalls how a black car started to follow her, so she picked up her dog and started to run.

She says that a guy popped his head out the window and told her to stop running because she won't regret it. Stupidly, she says she stopped because looking back she should have kept running in that situation.

But it turns out it was head of Storm Models, Sarah Doukas, in the car.

Anya says that modelling was never a thought for her because she always wanted to act, but if it opened a door for her that way, she was willing to try it.

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The decision to act

Taylor-Joy is the youngest child of six children, she says she’s very close to parents, and they’ve always supported her decision to act. She was always adamant that she would work in the industry,a and told people that she would find a way to get her break, even when they doubted her.

She said that when she started to act her parents were immensely proud that she was doing something that she loves.

But then she dropped out of school. She admits that was hard for them to come to terms with. She wrote them a five page essay explaining why she wouldn't be going back to school.

Lucky for her The Witch came pretty much straight away, and then the work snowballed. She reveals that her dad cries randomly at how proud he is of her.

It seems like her role in The Witch was pretty much destined too, she was the first tape that director Rob Eggers saw, but he thought that casting the lead shouldn't be that easy so he watched a whole load more tapes before he gave the role to her.

For her role in The Witch she won the 2016 Gotham Independent Film Awards Breakthrough Actor award.

The Witch was Anya Taylor Joy's breakthrough role TheFuss.co.uk


This week sees the release of Split, which sees Taylor-Joy star opposite James McAvoy. McAvoy's character is certainly complex, a man with 23 different personalities. In it we see him abduct three girls including Taylor-Joy's character.

Speaking about the film she was amazed after watching it all together, and how it keeps you on the edge of your seat, which she obviously doesn't see as it's getting filmed.

And whilst she can't wait to watch the final product of Marrowbone and Thoroughbred, both of which come out later this year, she has one downside, she hates her face.

She admits it's an issue she really needs to get over because she wants to watch the films she is in.

Split is Anya Taylor-Joy's next film to hit the big screen TheFuss.co.uk

The future

She might only have a few credits to her name, but she's optimistic about the future and would love to work with the Coen brothers, Quentin Tarantino and Steven Speilberg.

A new X-Men?

The future of the X-Men franchise might be a little uncertain, but one film we do know is planned is New Mutants, and rumours have already started that Anya could, in fact, be starring in the film.

She hasn’t said anything about appearing in the film but says she finds the world fascinating, and it's something that she'd love to be part of.

Taylor-Joy’s rumoured role for the ‘young adult’ spin-off is Magik, a Russian mutant and sorceress who is also the little sister of Colossus, the metallic strongman that appeared in Deadpool.

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