BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush review

The Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Hair Brush is the must-have styling tool for those with unruly hair that needs taming.

The active frizz-control in the brush leaves hair beautifully silky soft whilst instantly calming frizz and adds brilliant, healthy shine.

Journalist India Knight has dubbed the brush the ‘magic brush’, thanks to the fact it can instantly remove static from your hair, and smooth unruly flyaway hairs.

Will you be adding the Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Hair Brush to your hair styling tool kit?

Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic hair brush review

Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush Features

  • Double-sided, active frizz control, ionic generator
  • Releases ions to smooth the hair cuticle
  • Ball tipped bristles
  • Flexible cushion base
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort grip
  • On indicator light
  • Two AAA batteries included
  • 2-year guarantee

Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush Design

This elegant, cushion hair brush has been dubbed the blow-dry in a brush, not only that, it’s battery powered which means you can carry it around and use it on the go.

How does it work? The fancy inbuilt ionic generator releases conditioning ions directly into the hair which remove frizz and add a whole lot of glossy-ness to your look. It's all about the ions.

This brush looks like your normal hairbrush, but it's definitely much more than that. In the centre of the head is a hole, with tiny bristles that emit negatively charged ions.

These ions work to stop the static buildup that can occur in our hair, leaving you with gorgeously smooth and shiny locks.

Everyday our hair is prone to static, everything from towl drying, ait conditioning, pollution and more can help cause static, so this brush is the perfect way to help keep your locks smooth and under control.


Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic hair brush review

Ionic technology

If you use an ionic hair dryer alongside an ionic hair brush it can maximise the appearance of healthy hair and although damaged hair cannot be completely recovered ionic devices certainly help with recovery.

Hair naturally has positive ions and ionic products have negative ions so essentially these products cancel out the charge which eliminates frizz and static in your hair.

What India Knight had to say about the Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush

The Sunday Times journalist India Knight was only full of praise for this brush when it launched, she said it's her new favourite tool because it makes it look so glossy. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, the brush gives you shiny and glossy locks. Plus, it stops flyaway hair, forcing our hair to behace.

India says the brish is magic, and you'll still have gorgeous hair whether it's raining or hot and humid.


Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic hair brush review


If you have fine hair then the chances are you’ve suffered from frizz and static, if so, this Babyliss Ionic Brush is for you.

But even if you have thicker hair, a lot of things in modern life can cause the build-up of static electricity in your hair like towel drying, air conditioning and man-made fibres.

The ions in the Babyliss Brilliant Shine Brush cancel out the ions in your hair that causes flyaway hair frizz and static, which is perfect for those who want their hair to look glossy and frizz-free all day long.

After sliding the switch to ‘on’, take a few strokes through your hair to reveal softer and a more glossy do. We doubt your handbag will ever be without this hair tool once you’ve used it.

The Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush is a superb hair smoothing system, with active frizz control.

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