Best movie stunts of all time

Stunts have been part of the movie-going experience since the very beginning, and they’re one of the few aspects of motion pictures that never get old. Each year we’re brought more heart-stopping, eye-popping stunts that truly do make an impact, and Mad Max: Fury Road will no doubt be one of them in 2015.

As the film is set for release this week, and the fact that director George Miller has confirmed that the car stunts in the movie were done for real, we’ve taken a look at some of the best film stunts ever.


If you’ve never seen the 1968 cop film with Steve McQueen then it’s high time you did, even if it’s just to watch the epic 11-minute long chase scene.

Filming this certainly caused some destruction, with a camera ruined and a car that had to be scrapped because of the damage that was done to it. An out-of-control car even ruined a set, but they managed to make it look like it was supposed to happen.

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