The best time travel TV shows

This month alone there are two brand new time travel TV shows coming to the small screen, Travelers and Timeless, and they’re certainly not the first.

The genre has been explored many times before in both films and TV, so can these two shows stand amongst some of the best there already has been?

NBC’s time-travel drama, Timeless, sees a bunch of heroes chase criminals through time. And in Netflix’s series Travelers, which is set in the future, sees people come back to the current day to perform missions and save humanity from the future it faces.

Will either of these shows eventually make the list of best time travel TV shows? Only time will tell. Ahead of their premiere, we share some of our favourites.

Best time travel TV shows

Life on Mars

Life on Mars is much more than a time travel TV show, the show is a police procedural which ensures things are kept interesting. The lead character is hit by a car and travels back four decades, but he's not entirely sure if he travelled back through time, or is mental health is being tested.


The best time travel TV shows


Recruited into the FBI Fringe Division Anna Torv plays Agent Olivia Dunham in this series which was a little far-fetched with some of the shows, but definitely kept us engaged as she investigated crimes between different universes, timelines and came up against monsters.


The best time travel TV shows

Doctor Who

There’s not much more we can about Doctor Who, is there really?! The time-travelling alien, who looks human, adventures across space and time inside the TARDIS, basically his police box-shaped spaceship. He also achieves a variation of immortality by changing into a new form every time his previous incarnation is permanently damaged or dies.

The initial episodes were created to be educational for young viewers, but more than half a century later, the show has developed into a mind-bending adventure story that both adults and kids can enjoy together.

The best time travel TV shows

Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor Who


This time travelling series goes back as far as the dinosaurs, which sometimes manage to get themselves back into present day. This show follows a Professor and his friends as they investigate anomalies, but these investigations can lead to altering the timelines of the world they live in.


The best time travel TV shows


Kara is from the future, but she comes back to the modern day when she's pursuing terrorists, but she doesn't like her future, now she needs to decide what she'll do to help sae herself or the world.

The best time travel TV shows

Quantum Leap

This show follows a character is out to fix the mistakes in history, but only through his lifespan. This is not saving the world, but a lot more personal.

The best time travel TV shows

DC Legend’s of Tomorrow

One of newest shows on the list, this only premiered this year. The series was created from the success of The Flash and Arrow. This spinoff sees a group travel through time in a bid to stop the villain taking over the world. There are plenty of standout characters that make this series a much-watch, including the teaming up of Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller once again.


The best time travel TV shows


11.22.63 is Hulu's exclusive adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. The series is about teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) as he discovers that a local diner has a closet that can send anyone back to 1958. The owner of the diner, Al, wants Jake to continue a time-travelling mission that he started: to prevent the assassination of JFK. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love back in time, or the ramifications that saving Kennedy could have on history.

Jake must balance the things that make him happy while desperately following a string of clues to discover if Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone upon that fateful day.

The best time travel TV shows