Brody Jenner’s sex tips

Brody Jenner has had his share of relationships, most of which we’ve seen played out on reality TV – some, of course, real, other’s not so much. Now he has a new show, he's willing to share his sex tips with everyone.

Speaking to ahead of the premiere of his new show Sex with Brody on E!, the reality TV star shared his best sex tips.

Brody Jenner’s sex tips

Brody says sex toys should be handled sensitively

He thinks you should talk to your partner first before you bring in toys to the bedroom, let them know why you want to try them in the bedroom, because you don't want to bruise egos or hurt anyone's feelings.

Brody says sex toys should be handled sensitively

Brody says sex toys should be handled sensitively
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Practise good grooming

Jenner thinks it's always a good idea to have your balls shaved and groomed, whichever method you prefer, just keep them tidy.

Remember it's supposed to be fun

He admits he can't say he's the best lover in the world, and a lot of it is about learning as you go. But it's important to remember that it's fun to be had with you and your partner.

Work through awkwardness

We've all had them, the awkward moments, whether it's strange noises, trapping hair, or bumping heads, but you want to laugh together about it and not make it into such a big thing.

But, of course, be safe through sex – and he doesn’t just mean condoms

He recalls a story when a girl almost broke her nose in the bedroom. So make sure you're safe in all manners of the word.

Brody says safe sex isn't just about condoms

Brody says safe sex isn't just about condoms
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Don’t put a gag on noise – embrace the moment

He suggests that both men and women should be vocal in the bedroom, whether it's noises of enjoyment, dirty talk or a little explanation on the things you like.

The ultimate guide to threesomes

Brody says it's important that everyone feels included when you have a threesome.

Be yourself... Always

He says it's incredibly sexy when a woman is just themselves, and they're not worrying about how they look.

The most important thing... Men are just happy they’re having sex