Ego Boost Heated Rollers review

Revolutionise your beauty routine and let Ego Boost heated rollers transform your style, the professional set lets you achieve big, bouncy, salon-worthy locks in an instant thanks to a super-fast heat up system.

Here’s why we love the Ego Boost heated rollers so much.

Ego Boost heated rollers Features

  • Heats up in 4-7 seconds
  • Infused with tourmaline
  • Retractable cable for ease of storage
  • Induction heated
  • Comes complete with 10 mixed sized rollers and clips
  • One year warranty
  • On/off switch and power indicator light
  • Ready indicator light to show when its reached optimum temperature

What’s in the box?

  • Ego Boost pod
  • 4x 21mm rollers for tight curls
  • 4 x 31mm rollers for medium curls
  • 2 x 41mm rollers for loose waves
  • 10 clips

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review

Ego Boost heated rollers Design

The beautifully designed pod is sleek looking and fuss free, the varied sizes of soft touch rollers it comes with offers incredible versatility on all hair types, not to mention the fact that they’re ready to use in seconds.

Not only are they quick to use, but they’re gentle on the hair too, thanks to rollers being integrated with a top tourmaline finish to ensure sleek and swift results.

To get curling, simply pop one of the rollers into the heating system, wait 4 seconds (you'll hear a beep) and then it's ready to use. The soft-touch curlers are designed to heat your hair, rather than your hands, so you have plenty of time to roll them up into hair and secure before they get hot to the touch. Repeat as required, allow them to cool down and then remove.

The Ego Boost Heated Rollers set is incredibly easy to use and considering you heat each roller individually, it’s surprisingly fast to heat up all ten and get them into your hair. You can buy more rollers separately if you wish too.

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review


The Ego Boost Heated Rollers are suitable for all hair types. The pod works quickly to heat up the soft touch rollers which feature an indicator dot when they’ve reached their optimum temperature. Perfect for creating quick, easy curls with a lasting finish. The indicator dot will return back to its original colour once the rollers have cooled down in your hair, then they’ll be ready for you to take out and store away.

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review

Ego Boost heated rollers Summary

Ego Professional is visionary as far as hair styling goes and the Ego Boost heated rollers have certainly proven a worthy hair tool.

It’s a fabulous piece of technology, that’s perfect for a quick fix to the hair, that looks like it has taken hours to achieve. Although price wise it’s by no means cheap, it isn’t going to break the bank either. And you get what you pay for, an incredibly professional hair curling system that you won’t be disappointed with.

Why choose Ego Boost?

They’re super fast, pop a roller into the pod and four seconds later it’s ready to use.

There’s no panic, the rollers are designed to heat the hair not your hand.

Instant volume, use the larger rollers for maximum lift and volume in the hair, for a style even Cheryl Fernandez Versini would be jealous of.

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review


How to use the Ego Boost

Directions for use:

  • Turn on, power light will be red to indicate the Ego Boost is on
  • To heat a roller simply pop it into the Ego Boost pod carefully, flat side down and indicator status dot up
  • Only use one roller at a time
  • Whilst heating the blue ready light on the Ego Boost pod will flash
  • When the roller is ready to use (about 4 seconds) you will hear the Ego Boost pod bleep and the blue ready light will be static
  • The indicator status dot on the roller will glow red
  • Place the roller into your hair as desired and secure if you wish with clip supplied
  • Whilst the roller is cooling down, it’s locking in your style
  • Repeat the process with additional rollers if required
  • Leave all rollers to cool until red indicator status dot returns to original colour
  • Remove clips and rollers carefully
  • Tease, shake or brush out and style as desired
  • Never reheat a roller when indicator status dot is still red

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