Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 22, 2017

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss CapsulesPurify, replenish and nourish your skin with the Elemis Cellular Skin Bliss Capsules, a two-in-one that’s designed for use in the mornings and the evenings.

They each contain potent age-defying antioxidants to refresh, nourish and distress the skin thanks to the Lavender and Rose ingredients.

Inside the frosted jar, you’ll find two sets of capsules, one pink the other green. Simply twist the capsules open to release the oil inside. Warm the oil in your palms and apply to the skin after cleansing and toning, massaging into the skin with the fingertips until fully absorbed.

The pink capsules are designed to be used in the morning and are formulated with a rose absolute to provide skin with maximum renewing and revitalising energy throughout the day

For night time, the green capsules are packed with relaxing lavender oil to help renew cell equilibrium and increase cell repair throughout the night.

Both have the added benefits of being able to target blemishes and breakouts while soothing and hydrating the skin, ridding you of dry, dull skin to make way for radiance and youthfulness.

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules 3Skin-loving ingredients

Formulated with optimum levels of anti-oxidant power to improve the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution. These potent facial oil formulations act to de-stress the skin, helping to break down the accumulation of harmful toxins that clog up the skin.

Lavender and Rose Absolute provide an endorphin “bliss effect” so your skin is de-stressed and thoroughly nourished. The antioxidant power of the active ingredients evening primrose, macadamia, jojoba and moringa in these capsules last 5, 20, 40 and 80 hours respectively.

The amazing antioxidant power from moringa oil comes from the Tanzanian “miracle tree”. The Rose day capsule restores a youthful bloom to your skin whilst Lavender evening capsules balance and repair stressed skin.


Leave skin feeling soft, moisturising, they have a lovely scent, soothes irritation


They are a little on the expensive side – but you get what you pay for with a brilliant product

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules 2Bottom Line

The Elemis Skin Capsules are expensive, but there’s no denying that these are a beautiful addition to your skincare routine with plenty of beautiful and skin-loving ingredients that help to nourish the skin, purify and replenish.

After a while, you’ll notice your skin looks clearer and plump thanks to the hydrating properties of these oils. What’s more, the oils provide a beautiful therapeutic effect to enhance feelings of wellbeing relaxation – your skincare routine allows for a little bit of me time, so take the time to relax and enjoy the products you apply.

These handy little capsules help stressed, tired and ageing skin to appear blissfully renewed and leaves you with a beautiful youthful radiance.

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How to use the Skin Bliss capsules

The pink Rose capsule is designed to be used in the morning, and the green Lavender capsule is meant for use at night. Elemis recommend the blissful massage technique:

  • Close your eyes and cup hands over the face. Breathe deeply to fully benefit from the signature aromas.
  • Massage into the temple pressure points slowly using small circular movements with fingertips.
  • Using firm finger pressure, sweep two fingers smoothly from the tip of the chin to the ears; from the nose along the cheekbones to the outer corner of the eyes, and finally from one side of the forehead to the other. Repeat until the serum is fully absorbed.
  • Lightly tap the entire face with ‘rain drop’ finger movements to stimulate local micro- circulation.
  • Finally, massage excess serum into hands and then gently sweep the backs of the hands up the neck in a rolling motion.