Improve your relationship with Vedic meditation

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time to improve your sex life and relationship?

With the help of Will Williams Meditation, we have the top tips on how Vedic meditation can dramatically improve your relationships.

Forget bondage and rules like Fifty Shades of Grey, now is the time to take up Vedic meditation.

Vedic Meditation is a really simple thing that everyone can do really, it's personal to each person and sees you repeat a personalised mantra every day for up to 20 minutes, it's best done twice a day too. The great thing is you do it silently in your head, so you can do it pretty much anywhere.

Here's how it can benefit you in the bedroom and beyond.

In ‘The Moment’

How often does your mind wander, whether you're doing menial tasks or even in sex? It can happen often where we're doing something, but we're not truly present in the moment. If you practise Vedic Meditation regularly, you'll find it can help improve your focus in a big way. When you do this, it'll improve your relationships and love life, helping you to have a deep connection with the people that you love.

A student of Will's explains that Meditation helped her be more present with her partner. Instead of thinking about the stresses of everyday life she was truly present with him.

Have Better Sex

How does Vedic Meditation improve your sex life? By practising this regularly, you will improve your productivity as well as your metnal focus. Not only that, but your energy will increase and you'll get a complete boost to your mood. These are factors which greatly improve not just libido, but the quality of sex.

When you meditate regularly you'll also see an increase in the intensity of your orgasms, as well as having a higher sex drive, and you'll notice you last longer too.

Male and female clients have reported experiencing these benefits, including deeper relationships with their partners, as well as the ability to climax.

Be More Confident

Feeling confident in the bedroom can take time, some people prefer to keep the lights off, whilst others will keep parts of their clothing on. Yet, students of Will's have reported that Vedic Meditation has helped them get more confidence in the bedroom. She explained that meditation has helped her to focus her mind and ignore insecurities she has regarding her body.


Let the Little Things Go

Is there such a thing? We are bound to get frustrated and stressed with each other from time to time. However, there are ways to lower the amount of stress in your relationship. Practising Vedic Meditation regularly will help to increase the feel-good chemicals in your body in a natural way. This helps to elevate your mood, as well as increasing your sense of well being.

When you have an elevated mood, you're likely to have a better relationship that's filled with positivity and endorphins.

The added bonus is that by becoming more aware and present, you are able to cancel out the stresses of life and really be in the moment.