The ultimate guide to keeping your hair straight overnight

You spend all that time and effort blow drying and straightening your hair only to wake the next morning resembling Monica off Friends in the humidity. So how exactly do you keep your hair straight overnight? We share some valuable tips.

We’ll start off by saying that these might not work for everyone, or you might find one solution works better than others, it all comes down to trial and error. But generally, these tips should help keep your hair straight overnight whilst you get your beauty sleep.

Bun it

This will work for most hair types, but with others you might find that if you twist it into a bun at night you’ll wake up with a slight wave in your hair – perfectly fine if you’re ok with that. Forgo any bobbles and just use hair grips to keep it in place.

Twisting your hair into a bun will ensure you wake with hair that has some volume and looks smooth and healthy.

Avoid hair bobbles

Using pretty much any type of bobble will cause a kink in your hair that’s just really annoying. There is one type of bobble that could work, see below, but don’t wrap it around too tightly.

Silk pillow

We already hampered on about the beauty benefits of using a silk pillow, so we won’t go into these again. But using a silk pillow can cause less frizz-inducing friction to your tresses than a cotton pillowcase too. Perfect if you want to wake to beautifully smooth and silky tresses.

The right products

When you start styling your hair using the right products can help keep your hair straight overnight too. Things like the John Frieda 3 Day Straight or a hair oil to keep hair moisturised, this will keep your hair feeling supple and nourished, as well as fighting the frizz. Straightening creams are another excellent product to add to your hair care routine.

Quality tools

Now we’re not expecting you to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on new hair tools, but next time you’re investing in a hairdryer, straightener or styling tool, take the time to know what you’re spending your money on. You want an ionic hairdryer, as this will help to reduce static and frizz. And ceramic straighteners and other styling tools, these will help keep your hair smooth and silky.

Adjust the temperature

You want to keep your room as cool as possible, which is fine during the winter months, but in the hotter climate you might want to invest in a fan. If you’re sweating too much through the night you’ll find that you might wake to wavy or frizzier hair.

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