Parlux Power Light 385 hairdryer review

Taryn Davies
Published: January 8, 2018

Designed a built-in silencer, the Parlux Power Light 385 is not only eco-friendly, but also smaller and quieter than others in the range.

Thanks to the lightweight design, there's no more sore arms from drying your hair either, it sounds like the perfect hairdryer to us. Don’t you think?

Parlux Powerlight 385 hairdryer 2

Parlux Power Light 385 Features

  • Weighs only 452g
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • 2150 watts
  • Ceramic and ionic technology for smooth and shiny hair
  • Built-in silencer
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • No harmful emissions
  • Two speed settings
  • Four temperature settings
  • Cold shot button
  • Impact resistant casing
  • 2 nozzles included
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Parlux Power Light 385 hairdryer review 385 Design

With eight different colour choices you’re going to have a tough time deciding which Parlux Power Light 385 to invest in, but one thing’s for sure they all pack a punch in the performance department.

The big design feature of the Parlux 385 is the fact it weighs only 452g, this means you won't get numb arms the minute you start blow drying your locks. Plus, it makes it a great choice for when you're travelling too, it won't weigh down your suitcase.

The dryer itself might only be lightweight in design, but it's still very powerful, with 2150 watts, and it also has ionic and ceramic technology, both of which leave your hair feeling supple, strong, smooth and shiny.

If you're of a clumsy nature this dryer is the perfect option for you too because it has impact resistant casing, so if you manage to drop it, you don't have to worry that you'll have damaged the internal mechanics of the hair tool.


It’s fair to say that this hairdryer offers the best of both worlds, not only do you get a genuinely light professional hairdryer but you will also get the extremely quick drying times that you will have come to expect when investing in a Parlux hairdryer.

With two speed settings, four temperature settings and a cold shot button you can tailor this tool to your own hair’s needs.

Parlux Power Light 385 Summary

A pricey, but mighty powerful package – you won’t be disappointed with the Parlux Power Light 385 hair dryer.

The ultra-lightness makes this 2150 watt dryer easy to handle and the Eco-Friendly technology, like previous Parlux hairdryers, makes you feel a little less guilty about drying your hair.

Plus it'll leave your hair looking smooth and shiny and packed with moisture thanks to the iconic and ceramic design.

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