In Plain Sight: Everything you need to know

Three-part miniseries, In Plain Sight, comes to ITV in December and we’re pretty sure it’s going to keep us hooked over the three weeks it airs.

What’s it about?

The drama is a true story, it follows the crimes of Scottish killer Peter Manuel and how the Lanarkshire detective William Muncie brought him to justice.

In Plain Sight: Everything you need to know

When does it air?

The three-part series will start airing on ITV on Wednesday, December 7 at 9pm and will follow each Wednesday after.

The trailer

Who’s in it?

Douglas Henshall plays the detective William Muncie, whilst killer Peter Manuel is brought to life for the small screen by Martin Compston.

In Plain Sight: Everything you need to know

Who wrote it?

Nick Stevens makes his TV writing debut with the drama, which has been directed by John Strickland.

It was in 2011 that producer Gillian McNeill and writer Stevens started to work on the drama.

In Plain Sight: Everything you need to know

The plot

Muncie had a long relationship with Manuel, and he first caught him in 1946, at this time he was arrested for breaking into houses. Then later for sexual assaults, and it turns out Manuel wanted revenge.

In 1955 Manuel was released, and he went on a killing spree that lasted two years between 56 and 58. In this time he killed eight people, which may not seem like a huge amount, but this figure totalled nearly a third of all of the people who were murdered in Scotland during this period.

The town in which he killed the people was extremely small too. He evaded prison quite simply because his victims were chosen completely at random and the police had no clue to his next move.

In Plain Sight: Everything you need to know

Facts about filming and the show

The reality of the murders are quite shocking, in fact, one family was killed because Manuel had simply miscounted the house doors on one street.

They didn't use the original locations during filming, simply because there wasn't any need. Most the locations they filmed on looked like they would have at the time.

Even though we only meet Peter Manuel when he was just 18 in this drama, his killer instinct was shown at an earlier age. When he was 14 and escaped from Borstal, he broke into a woman's home and hit her over the head with an axe.

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