Remedies for soothing Facial Eczema

Facial Eczema is really hard to come to terms with. Sometimes, you can wish it would appear literally anywhere else on your body, so long as your face remained unaffected. However, when you're coming to terms with the effects of facial eczema, it becomes clear that there are ways to control breakouts, tame the dry skin and cover the redness. The post below covers all of the basics needed to soothe and care for your facial eczema when it flares up, and how to prevent flare ups from occurring in the first place.

Coping with Dry Skin

The first noticeable thing you can do with facial eczema is removing the dry skin. Invigorating scrubs such as St.Ives and Frank Bod's Coffee Scrub will completely erase any sight of dry skin on the face. Unfortunately, you may become red after doing this, as scrubbing can irritate eczema. Remedies for Facial Eczema

Emollients and Moisturisers

Once you have scrubbed your dry skin, you will need to moisturise. Finding the best moisturiser for your skin can be a chore. However, shopping around and trying out a few different creams can do you a world of good. Moisturisers work by trapping moisture in your skin and acting as a barrier for skin cells against the outside world. Pollution, weather and other aspects of life can drain the face of moisture which is why moisturisers work to defend vulnerable eczema prone skin. Brands like Eucerin offer face cream packed with omega oils and extracts that calm extremely dry and irritable skin associated with facial eczema.

If you're looking for a more natural remedy, Lush offers an amazing example in their Dream Cream. Although the tub states that the Dream Cream is for the hands and body, the consistency and thickness make it perfect for dry and irritable skin on the face. This can be used before bed to prevent the skin drying out while you sleep, meaning that you'll wake up feeling fresh faced.

Face Masks and Cleansing

Remedies for Facial EczemaWhen it comes to cleansing, it's important to ensure that no moisture can escape from your face and to use products that won't irritate your skin either. Mild cleansers, such as the Elemis' Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser ensures that there no foams to dry out the skin, and gives you a plump feel once you have rubbed the remaining product from your face. To use cleansers like this, dampen your face and rub the products all over your face in circular motions. Once it has been applied, rinse your face and pat dry with a towel. Rubbing your face can promote irritation and ensure dry patches. Patting the skin eliminates this.

Toning your skin can be an issue if you suffer from facial eczema, which is why using micellar water is an option. Garnier's Oil Infused Micellar Water doesn't dry out skin, and the argon oil will soak well into the skin before applying your moisturiser.

If you're a face mask addict, why not try some sheet masks to promote skin growth and reduce redness? TonyMoly's Aloe Mask and Garnier's Moisture Bomb tissue mask are great for users with dry and irritable skin.

Foods that Trigger Facial Eczema

  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Nuts

These can be cut from your diet over time, or you can go completely cold turkey - it's up to you! The main thing is to try and cut down on these foods or cut them one by one in order to find out which food is triggering your eczema the most.

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