Research reveals the timeline of a perfect relationship

Taryn Davies
Published: April 13, 2015

We have to be honest when we say that the words perfect and relationship don’t really go together, and to create a perfect timeline for every relationship seems a little far-fetched to us, yet new research has indicated what and when an ideal relationship involves.

According to the study, the ‘perfect relationship’ involves hearing ‘I love you’ after three months, meeting the parents after five months and getting engaged less than three years after the first date. But we have to admit that this all seems a little rushed to us.

The researchers polled 2,000 women and found that three in four had a dream timeline of how they would like their relationship to pan out.

But how can you put timely pressure on something that’s supposed to evolve naturally?

The first holiday as a couple is supposed to happen after eight months of dating, couples would move in together almost two years after the first date and then start a family within two years of marriage.

A spokesman for gifting website, which commissioned the research, said that it's normal to think about progression when a relationship is going well. But putting stress on a plan can result in a bad effect on the relationship because you're expecting things that aren't happening.

The surprises in life can often be the most exciting, so don't put a time stamp on the little things because you might be extremely disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Exactly, we couldn’t agree more. Don’t put timely pressure on any relationship, working to a plan will only make you stress and cause unnecessary arguments when you aren’t where you’re supposed to be.


Do you have a timeline for your relationship?

The research shows the ideal timeline from the first date:

Ideal Relationship Timeline

Go on dates every five days

6 weeks in – officially an item

8 weeks in - sleep together for the first time

3 months in – the man says ‘I love you’ first

5 months in – meet the parents

8 months in - go on holiday together

1 year and 9 months - move in together

-Four in ten would get a dog

2 years and 4 months – get engaged

-With an engagement ring worth £1,220

-The man would propose, and pick the ring as a surprise

-Ask the father for permission

15 months after engagement – get married

1 year 10 months after marriage – start a family

-Have two children

It seems the timeline is not to be sniffed at, as almost one in four women admitted they’ve broken up with someone because the relationship wasn’t going to their ideal plan.

But while 59% said their current relationship is progressing as desired, another one in ten said things may be going too quickly.

Being in love is what life is all about, so it’s easy to get carried away with visions of the future. But in the end, so long as you're both happy, it can be just as fun to enjoy the ride.