Social media wreaking havoc on marriages

Social media may seem like an innocent way to keep in touch with old friends or have a nose of what people are up to or bragging about, but research shows that it’s causing tension in relationships.

Checking your partner's Facebook account is commonplace, with just less than half admitting to it. What's more, they're not willing to hide what they've found either, as one in five will have an argument about what they've found.

Quite sad is the fact one in seven have thought about divorce because of their other half's activity on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and What's App.

The study questioned 2,000 married Brits and it revealed that social media use is the cause of nearly one row a week, and 17% argue every day because of it.

What do you expect to find?

There were plenty of reasons given for checking a partner's accounts, the most common being to see who they were speaking to, see who they're out with and keeping tabs on them.

But some have a more specific purpose: 14% are looking for evidence of infidelity.

social media effect on relationship

Has social media left you questioning your relationship?

Social media causing divorce?

Family law specialists Slater and Gordon, who commissioned the research, admit there has been an increase in people using social media as the reason for divorce.

One of the lawyers admitted that social media can be a good thing, but it can add strain to a relationship. He admits it's now more common that clients will use social media as a reason for divorce.

social media effect on relationship

The research found that people keep their social media secret from their partner

Unease in the relationship

The research revealed that 20% of the respondents questioned their relationship after they discovered something on a Facebook account.

The Slater and Gordon lawyer commented that the use of social media whilst going through a divorce can prove difficult, as it might be used to antagonise particular family members. He says they advise clients to be mindful when using social media now and really think about what they're posting or saying.


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