Do straightening brushes actually work? Which one is best?

Straightening brushes are proving a huge hit in the hair department, and brands are answering to our needs with their own versions of hot brushes that are designed to straighten our locks as we style – but do straightening brushes actually work?

Babyliss, Remington, Lee Stafford and more have all created straightening brushes, the tool which is designed to brush through and style your hair as well as straighten it with heat. The tools are supposed to help you cut down on styling time and ensure your hair looks soft, shiny and sleek in a few quick and simple steps.

Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush review Diamond Heating Smooth Brush

The Babyliss Diamond collection has proved a huge hit, and the heated Smoothing Brush is just another one of these products. The heated ceramic straightening fins smooth each strand and glide through hair quite effortlessly.

The ionic conditions of the Diamond Radiance technology leaves you will shiny, silky hair that looks soft and smooth.

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Straightening BrushLee Stafford CoCo LoCo Straightening Brush

The Lee Stafford Straightening Brush is part of the Coco Loco collection which infuses coconut oil with the tool to leave your hair feeling nourished and looking healthy. The brush has five temperature settings to choose from, with a top temperature of 230°C. And not only do the bristles have coconut oil but they're also ceramic to help reduce the amount of heat damage on your locks.

The brush takes only 30 seconds to heat up, and it'll automatically turn itself off after 60 minutes.

Remington Keratin Radiance Straightening BrushRemington Keratin Radiance straightening brush

The Remington Keratin Radiance tools are a firm favourite for The Fuss, especially the hot brush, and the Straightening Brush looks set to be another standout product from the brand.

The brush features Keratin and Macadamia Protective Technology which leaves your hair feeling and looking healthy when you've used this tool. Plus the bristles have an anti-static coating, so you're left with locks that are smooth and easy to handle.

Use this brush and get a natural volume to your hair, with sleek, straight and smooth locks that look gorgeous.

DAFNI Limited Edition Hair Straightening BrushDAFNI Hair Straightening brush

The DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush is the most expensive product on this list, but the technology definitely backs it up. If you thick, unruly hair, this is the tool you’re going to want to invest it.

Using innovative 3D ceramic surface design and incorporating the most advanced hair technologies to ensure that your hair beautifully styled and also protected too.

The DAFNI straightening brush has been developed to operate at the recommended temperature of 185˚C and maintain constant heat through each stroke from root to tip. Maintaining this heat is important for hair’s health as you style your locks.

This amazing brush has been designed in a limited edition rose gold design too, which is simply gorgeous. Not only will it look gorgeous on your dressing table as well, but you'll be helping to support Hestia too, as Dafni are donating £10 from each sale to the charity which helps people who survived domestic abuse and modern slavery.

InStyler Glossie Pro Ceramic Straightening BrushInStyler Glossie Pro Ceramic Straightening Brush

Brush and style your hair in one with the Instyle Glossie Pro Ceramic Straightening Brush, a tool designed like no other on this list. The Instyler Straightening Brush stands out thanks to the Precision Press design, which has been added to the brush to provide a little bit of tension to grip the hair and ensure you can straightening the hair from root to tip.

The clip design also gives you the ability to add flips to the ends of your locks too. The brush is designed with ceramic heat and tourmaline plates to ensure your hair frizz-free. The tips of the bristles are cool when the brush is hot too, which means you can get close to the roots of your hair without having to worry about burning your scalp.

Glamoriser Black Edition Straight & Smooth Speed BrushGlamoriser Black Edition Straight & Smooth Speed Brush

The Glamoriser Black Edition straightening Brush is designed with a wider paddle brush which means it's a great choice for those with thicker hair, you can get more hair on the brush at one time so it should cut down your styling time.

The brush has digital controls, with a choice of heat settings and a maximum temperature of 210°C. The Glamoriser Speed brush also boasts bristles that are infused with black diamon oil, this is there to help fight frizz and ensure your hair is sleek and smooth. The bristles are also ceramic to help ensure an even heat which helps to stop damage from heat spots.

Glamoriser Salon Results Straight Style Speed Brush Review Salon Results Straight & Style Speed brush

This Glamoriser Straightening Brush is pretty much the same as the above in terms of technology, the design is just a little slimmer. This brush is perfect for those with shorter hairstyles and thinner hair. The straight and slim design is perfect for those who don't have loads of hair to get through. Yet it still provides gorgeously sleek results.

This brush is easier to create flips, flicks and loose curls with too.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler

The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler is designed to really cut down on your styling time, by drying and straightening in one. The flexible bristles work through the hair with ease and the lightweight design means you won’t get arm ache after just a few minutes of using this.

This isn’t a tool that should be used when your hair is really wet but can be used on damp locks to help dry and straighten in one.

Do straightening brushes actually work?

Yes, they do work to some degree, if you have super curly hair you might struggle with them, or it would take forever to get your locks actually straight.

But for those with wavy or frizzy, unruly hair, they can be a great option for straightening your hair. The great thing is they don’t completely iron your hair, so you’ll still have volume and movement if you use one of these brushes, plus they won’t leave it completely pin straight at the ends too.

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