A complete guide to strawberry blonde dye

Taryn Davies
Published: September 15, 2016

Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous blend of pretty blonde and fiery red, it’s a hair colour that might take time and effort to achieve at home, but the payoff is simply beautiful.

Strawberry blonde hair has a lightness and a spark and certainly makes a fashion statement – but how hard is it to achieve the colour at home?

We share tips on dyeing your hair strawberry blonde, box dyes to achieve the look, celebrity inspiration and choosing the right shade for you.

Dyeing your hair strawberry blonde at home

Remember when Blake Lively went strawberry blonde? Well, her hair colourist Rona O’Connor of the Lukaro salon in Beverly Hills completed the dye job. Speaking at the time to Beautylish she shared her tips for dyeing your hair strawberry blonde at home.

Blake Lively with her strawberry blonde locks TheFuss.co.uk

Blake Lively Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com

“Do some test strands first. To pick the right shade, take swatches and hold them up to your forehead and see what they do to your skin and eyes. Hold it as if it's a bang and fan it across the forehead. You'll see immediately if the colour suits you or not. Blake's shade would be a level eight red-orange type tone, which is really popular these days - look at "Mad Men." People are really drawn to this type of orange or ruby red right now. Red is a statement colour, but it's more acceptable these days. People aren't as afraid to try red now. Before, you had to have the personality and confidence to support the red. You had to be funny, like Lucille Ball. That's why I made Debra Messing red for "Will and Grace." Red's never sad. But now it can look glamorous instead of punk or clown-ish.”

It’s important to remember that if you’re dyeing your hair at home, be prepared that the outcome could vary slightly from the colour that is advertised on the box. The perfect shade is not something you can achieve overnight.

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Strawberry blonde box dyes for at home use

Nice'n Easy Permanent Hair Colour #8WR Natural Golden Auburn

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L'Oréal Féria 74 Mango Intense Copper

L'Oreal Feria mango intense copper is a gentle, deep conditioning multi-faceted shimmering colour with three times the highlights.

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L’Oreal Excellence Creme Haircolor Red Penny

For soft, luminous streaks of light discover excellence crème lights. The gentle, non-drip formula lets you create creamy, beautifully blended highlights in a few simple steps. The result: rich, radiant highlights and not a grey in sight.

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L’Oreal Excellence Creme Haircolor Medium Reddish Blonde

New Richesse Collection by Excellence with the perfect combination of pure tones for magnified colour richness and shine. Red Richesse and Black Richesse offers impeccable grey coverage while delivering the richest, most radiant colour with reflective and sumptuous tones.

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Choosing the best strawberry blonde for your skin tone

Like other hair colours with red or ginger base tones, this type of blonde hair colour looks best on women with pale complexions and rosy cheeks. Although your complexion should be generally pale, you should still have a warm skin tone in order to avoid getting washed out by the blonde shades in light strawberry blonde hair dye. If you have cool skin you need a more ruby hair colour.

Try layering lots of colours instead of pulling just one colour through the whole head, this keeps it looking dimensional so it looks more natural.

The best hair colours to work with, to achieve the best shade of strawberry blonde, is either a shade of red or blonde. Having one of these colours will make it easier to transition to your desired shade. Then simply add in other colour and use highlights to achieve the best shade for your skin tone.

Celebrity strawberry blonde hair inspiration

Take a look through our gallery of these celebrities with strawberry blonde hair, the perfect hair inspiration if you’re thinking of dyeing your hair this colour.

Celebrity strawberry blonde inspiration

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Caring for strawberry blonde hair

You want to keep your strawberry blonde hair healthy with an effective hair care routine. This will help keep your gorgeous locks glowing. Use shampoo and conditioners specially designed for coloured hair to keep your colour fresh and bright as long as possible. Using a hair mask once a week is also recommended to keep your hair healthy and luscious.

Making your strawberry blonde work for you

So you’ve dyed your hair this new shade, does that mean you need a whole new look? Well, the great thing about this colour is that many different colours work well with this look. Just take inspiration from Blake Lively who tried a number of different bright shades when she dyed her hair strawberry blonde. We particularly love the green dress she wore with it, channelling her inner mermaid.

The same applies for makeup, you can work almost any style with your strawberry blonde hair colour, bright lipsticks will look especially gorgeous. Nude can also work, just make sure you choose the right tone for your skin, it might be best to avoid pale pinks, however, as these can drain you. You want to be all about the glow.

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