Talika Light Duo review

Younger looking, wrinkle-free, supple skin is high on the agenda for many women, super expensive creams may have plenty of science to back them up but can take months of daily use to see any real difference – if any at all. Talika Light Duo, inspired by NASA research, explored light benefits on our skin which uses light therapy to help reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen and diminish pigmentation.

Compact, lightweight and hardworking, the Talika Light Duo 595 aims to not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also targets uneven skin tone and brown spots which can be caused by ageing.

Talika Light Duo review TheFuss.co.uk

Features of the Talika Light Duo

  • Collagen stimulation
  • Wrinkle and pigmentation reduction
  • Boost elastin production
  • Regulation of sebum production

Talika Light Duo review TheFuss.co.uk

How the Talika Light Duo works

The Talika laboratories designed the DUO, a portable device, to emit a distinct light wave on each side:

  • On one side, the Light 590 reactivates collagen synthesis and elastin production, it has pulsating yellow lights and the diodes emit a precise frequency (590 nm) in a controlled, pulsed manner to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce collagen
  • On the other side, the Light 525 regulates the production of melanin, responsible for skin colouring, it has a green light and the diodes continuously emit a precise frequency (525 nm) in a controlled manner so as to prevent and reduce brown spots and lighten the skin

Thanks to the combined use of both these treatments, wrinkles are smoothed, brown spots are reduced and the skin looks fuller, lighter, more radiant and glowing: younger-looking.

Talika Light Duo review TheFuss.co.uk


Brightens complexion, reduces dark spots and pigmentation, cost effective, small and lightweight, extremely easy to use, no pain,


It takes time to notice a difference, but when it happens you’ll be happy with the purchase

Talika Light Duo review TheFuss.co.uk

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great dual treatment device from Talika, it might be an expensive tool but if you have the budget it’s definitely worth investing in your skin. And when you consider the price you’d pay to get this type of treatment in a salon, it’s definitely a budget buy because you can continuously use this at no extra cost.

How to use the Talika Light Duo

Slide the cover to discover the diodes. Position the Light Duo 3cm from the area to be treated. Turn on the device. Let it work during 45 seconds on the orange side and 1 minute on the green side.

Talika suggests that to get the best results from the device, you use it before applying an anti-ageing cream.

Talika Light Duo review TheFuss.co.uk

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