The 10 most disappointing movies of 2015

Earlier, we discussed the best films of the year, reflecting on some of the most exciting, emotional and provocative movies released in 2015.  But it sure hasn't all been great on the big screen this year. In fact, there have been a few enormous disappointments. So what were they? Below, you can find our list of the ten most underwhelming - bear in mind these aren't the worst, just the most disappointing - movies of the year.

10. Spectre

The beauty of Skyfall was that it jolted James Bond into the 21st century. Bond's particular brand of espionage - disposing of dapper looking villains with a one-liner before riding away into the sunset in a flashy sports car accompanied by a knock-out damsel in distress - was becoming increasingly irrelevant post-9/11. Skyfall not only made Bond tougher, more developed and placed him in a plot about contemporary cyber terrorism; the entire story of Skyfall focussed on Bond trying to prove his worth in this new world. Spectre undermined this by mostly returning to Bond's roots with the cheesy dialogue, over-the-top action and farfetched gadgets of old.

09. Trainwreck

Amy Schumer is a truly remarkable comedian whose uncompromising feminist humour has made her one of America's funniest people. She hit international stardom this year with Trainwreck which she wrote and starred in. However, the film is weirdly conservative for Schumer. As a comedian who jokes about enjoying her sexuality, rejecting the conventional notions of domesticity, Trainwreck quickly descends into cliched rom-com territory as she falls for Bill Hader's sports doctor. And if there's anything Schumer isn't it's conventional.

08. Lost River

Ryan Gosling is one of the most popular modern actors, so when he announced he was going to be making his first film as director film fans were naturally curious. However, the result was Lost River which seemed to nab influences from Gosling's mentors - his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance and Terrence Malick with whom he worked on a new movie - and apply them without reason to a middling plot about a broken family in a cursed town.

07. Legend

The only thing better than Tom Hardy is two Tom Hardys. Only, that's not really true with Legend, a mob drama in which he plays both of London's notorious Kray twins. To distinguish between the brothers he is prone to overacting in Legend despite the fact that Hardy's best work is always his understatement - the physical Bane, for instance, or the stoic Mad Max. Meanwhile, the movie that surrounds him is too cartoonish to really depict the menace which the Krays inflicted on London in the 1960s.

06. We Are Your Friends

In We Are Your Friends, Zac Efron, one of the great millennial actors, portrays a wannabe DJ in the EDM scene. The film attempts to speak to a young generation who have more pressures placed on them to succeed than any generation before. However, We Are Your Friends is so invested in EDM culture - the parties, the girls, the drugs - that the film never creates any real dramatic, emotional or thematic conflict to capture the millennial angst it strives for.