The biggest celebrity moments on Twitter in 2014

All of the big stories of 2014 were addressed on Twitter; people had their opinions to share with them, their own views to give and comments to make. And even some of the biggest celebs made stories worldwide, like Ellen’s Oscar selfie who knew that would cause as much fuss as it did?

We run through some of the biggest celebrity moments on Twitter.

Celebs join Twitter

Robert Downey Jr joined Twitter in 2014, as did a number of other stars like Barry Bonds.


The most famous selfie of the year and we're pretty sure there are plenty of celebs who wish they were involved with this.

Ice Bucket Challenge

We're not entirely sure where this started, but the Ice Bucket Challenge swept the whole world this summer with plenty of celebs taking part too. The Ice Bucket challenge was used as a way to raise money for charities that support those with Motor Neurone Disease.

He for She

Emma Watson delivered a powerful speech about equality for the genders and it led to a huge number of celebs showing their support for the campaign, even the First Lady tweeted her support.

The Queen sends her first tweet

History was made as The Queen sent her first ever tweet from the British Monarchy account.