Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Contour Kit review

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Review kits have become a staple part of any makeup collection these days, and the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate may be expensive but the high-quality product and packaging definitely make up for that.

The Tom Ford contour kit is a two-part crème compact, made up of a bronze-brown crème that’s sans shimmer and an illuminate component, that’s not at all shimmery but provides a gorgeous illuminating effect on the skin.

The Shade and Illuminate kit is available in two variants, Intensity 1 and Intensity 2, the latter being suited to deeper skin tones, it’s important to note that the highlighting cream is the same shade in each of the compacts.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Review contour right

Contour can be quite a tricky thing to get right, and quite honestly it doesn’t suit everyone. There can be a tendency for people to paint on fake shadows, but contour should be about the subtle enhancement of the existing features we already have. You shouldn’t be trying to create an optical illusion with the makeup you wear – you’ve seen the disasters on the red carpet when the flash of the red carpet reveals the super white makeup under eyes.

Shade and Illuminate

Tom Ford artists are required to put this on their clients when they come to the counter. The reasoning is that Ford, who has a degree in architecture, appreciates structure, lines, and symmetry, and so this contouring cream is one of his cornerstone products.

The formulas of both the contour shades and of the highlighter are quite creamy, which means they blend in easily as you spread them across the areas you want to contour, such as under the cheekbone areas or on the sides of your nose. The darker shades are natural-looking enough that they mimic the appearance of shadows on the face, and the lighter highlighting shade has a pearlescent sheen that highlights without being sparkly.


Creamy formula that blends easily, beautiful contour shade that looks natural, highlight shade is natural-looking with pearlescent effect


Like all Tom Ford beauty products it is expensive, whether or not it’s too expensive for you completely depends on you

Bottom Line

The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate contour kit may just make your eyes water with the price, but if you get past that you’re left with a gorgeous compact that looks and feels expensive (and it is) with gorgeous products inside that leave your skin looking subtly contoured.

The contour crème creates a gorgeous shadow to hollow out cheekbones in a natural way, and the highlight shade is really beautiful, it’s one of the dewiest, natural highlight you’ll find on the market. It isn’t shimmery but gives skin a flush of light that makes it look natural and healthy.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford is one of the most celebrated American designers of his era. He launched the TOM FORD brand in 2005 with a mission to redefine modern luxury for the 21st century. Comprising menswear and womenswear, accessories, eyewear and beauty, TOM FORD is synonymous with sexy, timeless elegance, superior materials and workmanship, and outstanding personal service.

The TOM FORD Beauty collection is Tom Ford's wardrobe of sumptuous cosmetics and extraordinary fragrances. It is designed to achieve ravishing feminine glamour and impeccable masculine style while amplifying individuality. This covetable collection fuses state-of-the-art beauty innovation and artisanal-level craftsmanship with Tom Ford’s singular vision of modern glamour.

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