Best heated rollers for volume

Heated rollers are an easy way to cut down time on your daily routine, whether you’re off to work or out in the evening you can create gorgeous voluminous locks whilst you get yourself ready to head out the door.

Here’s our pick of the standout heated rollers for volume. We swear once you’ve used them once you’ll never have limp and lifeless hair again.

Nicky Clarke Heated Rollers

The Nicky Clarke heated rollers not only create gorgeous loose waves and add volume to your locks, but they’re ideal for travel use too.You’ll never want to leave home without these compact heated rollers again, they’re going to make your hair all kinds of swoosh-tastic and they’re a bargain too.

The ionic technology which is in the heated rollers helps to lock in moisture to your locks, so you’re causing less damage to your hair, as well banishing frizz from your locks. These heated rollers are lightweight and portable, and not only that, they work incredibly well in the hair too. Twelve medium-sized rollers come complete with easy-to-use metal clips all stored away neatly in a little zip-up nylon storage case. The heat ready dot lets you know when these curlers are ready to use, and the worldwide voltage means you can take them anywhere and everywhere with you.

Nicky Clarke Heated Rollers review

Ego Boost Heated Rollers

Ego Professional is visionary as far as hair styling goes and the Ego Boost heated rollers have certainly proven a worthy hair tool.

The beautifully designed pod is sleek looking and fuss free, the varied sizes of soft touch rollers it comes with offers incredible versatility on all hair types, not to mention the fact that they’re ready to use in seconds. The rollers also come with Velcro grips, so they stay put in your hair.

Not only are they quick to use, but they’re gentle on the hair too, thanks to rollers being integrated with a top tourmaline finish to ensure sleek and swift results.

To get curling, simply pop one of the rollers into the heating system, wait 4 seconds (you’ll hear a beep) and then it’s ready to use. The soft-touch curlers are designed to heat your hair, rather than your hands, so you have plenty of time to roll them up into hair and secure before they get hot to the touch. Repeat as required, allow them to cool down and then remove.

It’s a fabulous piece of technology, that’s perfect for a quick fix to the hair that looks like it has taken hours to achieve.

Ego Boost Heated Rollers review

Cloud Nine The O

You might look at the Cloud Nine The O curlers and think that they're going to cause nothing but pain as you use them. But the reality is, these are designed so they won't burn your hands once you've heated them up, instead the clever technology works to warm up your hair to create beautifuly volume, body and soft curls too.

The small pod heats up each roller in less than four seconds, it's actually quite amazing how fast they are. And when you take them out, they'll feel warm but definitely won't burn your hands.

The O Rollers are light to handle and use the latest soft grip technology; this means that not only do the light-weight rollers sit softly within your hair, but they can be removed without dragging or sticking, easily.

Cloud Nine The O review

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